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  Taviuc Limited Company is your trusted food specialist bringing you a wide range of diverse herbs and spices from South East Asia, quality grocery products that will fill your empty pantry shelves; and kitchen wares and cutleries to furnish your kitchen cabinets, making your home warm and welcoming to your entire family. Knowing that food is the focal point that binds the hearts of communities, we cater to the needs of food for all people.
    We provide quality food products and friendly customer service to people from different backgrounds, culture and ethnicity, as they come together to share the love of food. “Food is everything. Food, Friends, Family: Those are the most important things in life.” - Zac Posen. “Real food doesn’t HAVE ingredients, real food is ingredients.” – Jamie Oliver.
    Regardless of your culinary skills, or if you are simply a food enthusiast, merely approach us for the best advice in food of the best quality and variety of food products. If you are a restaurateur in the gourmet food industry, or a chef in a restaurant who dares to challenge the status quo by concocting your own creative recipes, we are here to help you achieve that by infusing exciting Asian flavours into your cooking, from our comprehensive range of food products, at affordable and attainable prices.

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