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A Timed Story

Our history began in 1979, when a young entrepreneurial couple decided to share their vision of the exquisite taste and flavours of Asian cooking to the rest of the Australian community, who knew little about these exciting flavours that would tickle their palates. The Quang Wholesale Grocery was one of the firsts to offer quality sourced and affordable Asian groceries, even to the average Australian family.  Our humble beginnings of a small warehouse in the inner suburbs of Melbourne gave us the opportunity to service the local community.  As we grew in strength and stature, we expanded to a big warehouse located in Oakleigh South, Victoria.

As Asian food is increasingly becoming part of the Australian cuisine, we are here to stay, to share and to continue exploring this wonderful experience of sharing the love of food with you. Our products are sourced from credible manufacturers and supplies from around the globe, including Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Japan, just to name a few.  Our diverse range of food products include specialists’ products of Chinese herbs, tea and spices; snacks and biscuits; staples such as rice and noodles (including dried food products like VN rice paper); popular food seasoning (including shrimp pastes, fish sauce, soy sauce, and VN special spice seasonings) and many more. Our aim is to enlarge your taste palates to enjoy Asian food like we do and experience “real food that IS the ingredients”, as quoted by celebrity chef, Mr. Jamie Oliver.